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About Us

The Clinic is a revolutionary, all encompassing, approach to accelerated motocross development.  

Michael Smith went from being a 3 year old aspiring racer, to become, one of the most dedicated and established figures in the West Coast Motocross community. 

With over 30 years of Motocross racing experience from 50cc to the highest caliber of Motocross competition. From training wheels to National caliber results. 
A lifelong student of Motocross, born into a racing family, Motocross is all that we know.  

Years of hardship, triumph and understanding the nuts and bolts of racing, have given The Clinic knowledge of racing on and off the track.

We understand the mental side of racing, from race craft, to the mindset necessary to  win the race before the gate drops.  

Speed on the track is nothing without being mentally strong in the event of adversity.  

Let’s grow together at The Clinic and unlock your true potential.

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